Saturday, July 28, 2007

Back from Vacation

It's so good to be home with Alan again. We really missed our little guy while we traveled down to Louisianna last week for a youth conference. We really enjoyed the trip though and were so refreshed and renewed by the Lord. Zach did pretty good traveling - being only 2 months old, he still sleeps a lot.
The ladies in the nursery we convinced he had a crik in his neck, I wouldn't be surprised!
This little guy is getting to be such a chubber! It was fun to spend so much quaility time with just Zachary. I think he daddy particularily enjoyed it since he is usually the one so busy with Alan.
We took a little side trip on Monday to the Creation Museum, just outside of Cincinnati, OH in Kentucky. It was definitely worth the trip and I highly recommend this museum to anyone with schoolage children. They do a very good job of explaining a Biblical foundation to understanding our world.
Jeremiah and Zachary even went for a ride on a dinasour.

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