Monday, July 2, 2007

Tantalizing Toddler Tastebuds

Wouldn't that be a wonderful name for a cookbook? I would buy it. Sigh. It isn't easy finding foods for my toddler to eat. I try to get him to try everything but once he's decided he isn't going to like something, he doesn't like it - even if I make him try it. So, we're back to the basics. This is a list of what Alan eats and likes at 18months old.
  • Breakfast - vanilla yogurt, raisins, cheerios and other cereals, milk and juice.
  • Lunch and Dinner - fishsticks, chicken nuggets (but only certain kinds - not Tyson), McDonalds McChicken and fries, noodles, cooked plain or with a little speghetti sauce or cheese sauce - but the sauce gets everywhere and makes his skin break out, avacado - we have to feed it too him or his skin breaks out, cheese, cheese and more cheese please - especially Swedish cheese, sharp chedder and cream cheese, raw sugar snap peas, raw carrot (sort-of eats it), some fruits - it totally depends on his mood - sometimes he'll eat them, sometimes he won't, peanut butter, cheese-it crackers, and animal cookies.

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