Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Visiting the Children's Museum

We love to visit the Children's museum. Alan really enjoys the area for kids 5 and under. They have lots of fun activities to do and lots of neat learning experiences set up. We often only go for an hour or so and it's wonderful that we live so close by so we can go often. Today we dropped by the Children's Museum after we dropped Daddy off at work. We got there just before 10am so we got to participate in the opening activities - singing hokie pokie together :)

Alan always goes right to the water area - he loves playing with water and it's a great way to entertain him when we're at home as well, although he gets himself and everything around him wet.
We also played with sand quite a lot and ran around doing some other activities but I didn't get any good pictures of those :)

Finally, before heading home we went up to the fourth level and rode the carousel. Alan still doesn't know quite what to think about that. It scares him a little but hopefully soon he'll be really enjoying it.

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