Thursday, August 9, 2007

The Playground (at the fair)

The Indiana State Fairgrounds are practically in our backyard and we love to walk to the fair and get in on all the action. Wednesday morning, August 8th, was the first day. We woke up early to look out our windows and see all the big hot air balloons floating up into the sky for their big opening day race. We actually woke Alan up so he could see it and it made a big impression - for the rest of the day he kept pointing up into the sky and saying "balloon". After breakfast we went over the fair for an hour or so and what did we do but play at the playground (something we can do anytime at any park, lol). Alan loves loves loves slides and climbing so playgrounds are one of his favorite places.
He's so determined to climb up this thing and he does an amazingly good job at it although he still requires a little bit of assistance.

Look at that determined and proud face.

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