Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Busy Being Mom

What keeps a mommy busy is rather ironic - it's a pleasure and a joy and yet it's also very busy.
Busy changing diapers, preparing meals, washing clothes, cleaning house, feeding kids. But then there's the times when I'm busy, busy blowing bubbles, busy sitting in the grass on a warm summer day, gazing up at the sky, discovering the world all over again, through a toddler's eyes. Busy, busy because I'm taking time to play with my children. Taking time to laugh and giggle. Busy just being. And the other busyness that weighs on my mind (the stuff to do - like sort clothes and bring out the fall stuff, etc etc etc) has to be put aside, yet again, and I have to play and enjoy my day - because being mommy after all isn't about the stuff to do but the people, the little people who are the world to me and I to them. My sons. I just wish time would stand still sometimes so I could enjoy them more and still get that other stuff done. Here's to another day over and the laundry that's unfolded and the clothes that still aren't sorted and the scrapbook pages that still aren't done and many things I could have done. I'm glad I chose to spend some time with my sons, blowing bubbles.

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