Saturday, November 24, 2007

Happy Holidays!

Here we are already! I can't believe it's been close to a month since I last posted anything. We've had a busy month and a we've been bogged down with colds and sickness. Currently it's a stomach virus. Alan's been puking for the last few days and now, I just discovered Zach covered in vomit in his cradle. After a quick bath, new sleeper and some fresh sheets - he's going back to sleep right now. I tried to feed him, but it all came right back up. I pray that by morning he's all better. Sigh. My poor little men.
There is so much to write, so much going on in my heart, so much going on in our lives but I don't think I have the energy or brain power to express it all tonight, as much as I really want to.
Our Christmas production is coming up quickly - we're super excited! I hope you can make it if you live anywhere near Indy.

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