Sunday, January 6, 2008

Happy New Year

Wow - the holiday season has just flown right by! I've hardly had time to spot and reflect or catch up on anything else. My mom was here to visit for a little over a week. We really enjoyed her visit, even though Toto (her dog) stayed at our house and deposited his dog hair all over the place. I spent all day yesterday cleaning and I think I found most of it. So disgusting - and he pooped in the house too! I'm glad that I found it before my boys did.
We had a wonderful Christmas and New Year. We visited with our friends Tod and Rubina on New Years Day and had a yummy lunch together.

Random, disjointed thoughts of a tired brain:
1. Alan is very into "Choochoos" these days. He got a train table and train set for Christmas from us - he loves it although I think he'll enjoy it even more in a year or so when he's grown into it a little more. Papa S also bought him Lincoln Logs which we've hid away until he's a little older but which will go nicely with the train set. He also has two Thomas beginner train sets and 3 Thomas DVDs that he wants to watch constantly. I think it's hilarious that the Thomas DVDs give you the option of playing them once or continuously. lol. I'm planning a Train Themed birthday party for Alan but I think I might postpone it until Summer - we'll celebrate his half birthday instead.
2. Zachary is amazing at sitting and sits and plays most of the day - until his brother comes and knocks him down or until he ends up on his belly because he leaned forward too far to get a toy. He is starting to rock a little bit on his hands and knees in the crawling positioning. I'm sure he'll be crawling before long. Alan was always so determined to scoot around even before he could really crawl but Zachary seems pretty content to sit most of the time. My mom said during her visit that this is the calm before the storm - once Zach is crawling, I'll realize an entirely new level of business - I'll have to keep my eyes on his constantly. I'm thinking it will be easier in some ways though. The hardest thing will be keeping choking hazards out of reach. Alan has a way of spreading little things far and wide.
3. Alan's language development - "Yes, I want that." "No, not that." (He's very opinionated about everything and answers questions with resolute yes and nos. He loves making decisions and he makes them quickly, although he sometimes changes his mind soon after.) "Music. Music." "Watch Choochoos" "Watch Psalty" "Watch Boz". "I love you." He points to the side of his bed and says "sleep?" when he wants daddy to stay and sleep next to him. "Books." "Milk" "Juice" "Yellow Vita" (which means he wants a chewable vitamin C), "Noodles" (his new favorite food).
4. Alan is a great dancer and Zachary has started dancing too - bobbing to the beat - it's so cute!!
5. I cleaned my whole house yesterday - it took me 12 hours while watching both boys but I managed it - now if I can only keep it clean and get rid of some more clutter. I'm going to FLY this year.
6. I'm working on creating and living by some routines in our lives and figuring out how to include more educational time with Alan on a regular basis.

Well, that is all I can think of for now.

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