Sunday, January 13, 2008

Zachary Hard at Work

playing. He watches everything Alan does. I think he is already Alan's biggest fan, as long as Alan is giving him some place and not trying to sit on top of him or something. It won't be long until Zach is following Alan around all over the place. The drums in the picture below were actually a Christmas gift for Zach but Alan likes them too. Zach's new favorite toy is this Learn Around Playground by Leapfrog. But he MUST be standing next to it. Zach seems much more determined to learn to walk and balance himself while standing then he is to crawl. He seems to think, "Well, I don't see anyone else around this house crawling - why should I?" And his brother walks and since he wants to be just like his brother...well...I hope he crawls before he starts walking but we'll see. So, I spent a lot of time these days sitting behind Zachary, keeping a watchful eye on him while he stands next to things and plays. Standing is definitely his prefered position - he goes stiff as a board if you try to sit him down. He's 7 1/2 months old now. Alan was a proficient commando crawler by this point - scooting around on his belly in army fashion. Zach is just frustrated on his belly and doesn't seem to see the point. He often gets into a crawl position from sitting up and reaching too far for something and then he rocks back and forth on his bands and knees before he pushes his knees back and ends up on his belly. He can slide across the floor backwards when he wants to go forwards and this just frustrates him. All well. I'm sure he'll learn soon.
Look at that little tongue curled up around his lip. He was really having fun!

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