Saturday, February 23, 2008

10 Years in Review

Here's a quick glimpse of the last 10 years of my life:

Feb - 1998 - age 17 - finishing up my senior year of high school, homeschooling (sort of) and working fulltime for the Pinnacle Health Club in the childcare area and in housekeeping with Chloe Mason. I was excitedly preparing to graduate and move to Sweden for a year of Bible School.

Feb. - 1999 - age 18 - Enduring the cold winter of an amazing year in Sweden. Doubling up on school work by doing Bible School in the morning and Livets Ord University courses in the afternoon/evening - there was nothing else to do in the dark, cold winter but study. I took a computer class (where we learned a lot about the risk of Y2K) and a communications class. Both courses transfered over to ORU later on and Old Testament and New Testament survey.

Feb. - 2000 - age 19 - Interning in the Youth Ministry at Christian Center in South Bend IN for Brad Grwinski - those were the days! Working parttime for the daycare at Christian Center and parttime at Old Navy. Working constantly and hanging out with Sarah Bassler and the Grwinski family. I was living at home, sleeping on the sofa in the living room because I didn't have a bedroom. This was when I started to get a revelation about the call to disciplishop (Deitrich Bonhoeffer) and I started reading Andrew Murray. I also worked for the Census in 2000 as a Team Leader - I'm hoping to do it again in 2010 - it was so much fun!

Feb. - 2001 - age 20 - Bulgaria, Torgovishte on a 2 month long short term mission trip with a small team of Bible School students. I was in the midst of my second year of studies in Sweden. Studying missions. Bulgaria was amazing! The people were so open to God. Istanbul, Turkey (the following month) was difficult but an amazing experience as well.

Feb. - 2002 - age 21 - Freshman/Sophmore at ORU, Tulsa OK. Studying Organizational Interpersonal Communications, minor in Journalism. Living with my mom in an apartment, walking to school every day across Victory and Mabee Center parking lots. I remember this being an amazing time in my personal walk with God, a quiet time in which I had not many friends and a lot of time to spend with God. I also got a new little puppy about this time, Toto. I was going to Jesus Revolution on Saturday Nights.

Feb. 2003 - age 22 - Junior - Living on campus as a Wing Chaplain for Rapha - Ramona and Magdalana were on my floor. Sarah Carlson was my roommate. I was very involved with Jesus Revolulation and thinking about taking a trip to Italy that summer with some other missions students. I had changed my minor to missions. I had also applied to be an SLDD, a chaplain for chaplains. On a Spring Break trip to Brownsville, God showed me that I wasn't supposed to go to Italy and that I would soon be in a relationship with the man I was going to marry. How exciting! Of course, I had no idea who this man might be. That would change in May of that year when Jeremiah and I went on our first date :)

Feb. 2004 - age 23 - Senior - VERY MUCH IN LOVE and just dying for Jeremiah to propose but he wasn't going to and he wasn't sure if he would anytime in the near future. sigh. And he wouldn't say he loved me either. I was miserable in February of this year. A long distance relationship isn't very nice on Valentine's day. But of course, if you know anything about us, you'll know he did propose in March and than we were married 6 months later on Sept. 24, 2004.

Feb. 2005 - age 24 - newliwed, working for MPlan, a health insurance company as an administrative assistant. I would be pregnant before long :) Scrapbooking my wedding photos.

Feb. 2006 - age 25 - mom to a 4 to 8 week old little boy named Alan. Just loving it! And addicted to scrapbooking.

Feb. 2007 - age 26 - mom to 1 year old and getting to be quite pregnant with another little boy on the way. Zachary was born May 25th.

Feb. 2008 - age 27 - mom to a 2 yeard old and an 8 almost 9 month old. loving it :) Very busy. Mothering and growing our church, My Father's House.

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