Saturday, February 9, 2008

So many things....

I've been meaning to blog these last several days. Trying to remember the stories in our every day life.
What follows will probably be a disjointed flow of consciousness in a random attempt to just get it all out there:

- We've had beautiful weather these last several days. Earlier this week we had thunderstorms, but praise God, the tornadoes, that blasted through the states south of us, did not come up this far north.
- Now I'm actually giving myself time to write, I can't think of what I wanted to say.
- Yesterday with Alan was quite the adventure. During Zach's morning nap time, Alan and I went for a quick walk to the office (locking the apt. door behind us) to get some quarters. Alan loves quarters, loves walks and we had to do laundry. Later on, when I needed to move the laundry from the washer to the dryer, I asked him to come help me put the quarters in the machines (one of his all time favorite jobs) and he started throwing a fit because he was watching Thomas and didn't want to go. I had Zach on my hip, laundry to do and because I didn't feel like fighting him and because he usually just sits completely glued to the computer when Thomas is on, I went down to the basement without him. When I came back up, Alan was gone! No sooner had I started to run back down the steps, a man from the office met me in the hallway. Alan had walked all the way to the office. Evidently he thought that I had asked him to go get some more quarters. Thank God he chose to go there, although it's quite a walk, he didn't have to cross any streets and he must have followed the sidewalk the whole way there because his socks weren't wet. He was just playing, happy as a clam when I arrived at the office. I was so embarassed but the ladies in the office all had their own stories to tell about the wanderings of their own children when they were two. My mom says it's a sign of his great independance and capability. He really thinks that mommy would actually send him on such an important mission by himself. Thank God for good angels!
- On another terrible mommy note, these adventures seem to be happening frequently. On Sunday, before church I took a small walk with Alan, Zachary and the stroller. Zach was strapped safely inside the stroller but Alan insisted on walking. Along the way, he spotted a mountain of mud and decided that would be a great thing to climb. All to quickly he had started to dart. I turned and spotted his intentions, shouted no, and reached out to grab him, but too late. He slipped and fell, sliding down the mud mountain on his butt. When he fell, his feet flew up in the air and kicked me in the shin, getting mud all over my pants and shoes. As I stood him up, I realized that Alan was the least of my worries, when I glanced over my shoulder just in time to see my stroller rolling down the hill, into the street! Thank God there were no cars and only one dumbfounded pedestrian saw the whole incedent. I raced after the stroller, recovered my peace, decided mud washes off, and continued my journey to Starbucks, thankful for angels, coffee, and bathrooms that stock paper towels.
Lesson learned: Always put the brake on the stroller before running after straying toddlers.

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