Sunday, September 14, 2008

Morning Adventures of the Kolterman Kind

So, today I spoke in church on the subject of peace and wouldn't it be fitting that as I am preparing to speak on such a calming subject, we would have some of our least calm mornings yet to be imagined. This weekend Jeremiah has been away on a Men's Encounter Retreat, so I'm home with the kids. I am so blessed to have my mom to help out these days and she was a real blessing this weekend. But on Saturday morning, she was no where around while I busily tried to get everything ready for a day at the Zoo with Sue and her kids. I had pretreated some stained up clothes with oxi-clean (which worked wonders) and I had to put them in the washer before we left for the day. I pushed the enormously heavy plastic container full of wet clothes down two sets of stairs to the basement - which was a feat in itself. My two totally terrific toddlers tried to help, but of course, "It too big mommy." Once in the basement, I set to loading the washers while my little ones got busy exploring. When I looked up from my tasks a few minutes later, they had dumped a big tub of lincoln logs all over the floor and then preceeded to examine a nearby bag of charcoal. Little black hands and little black faces looked very content. Of course, they would do this to me on a morning when we're trying to rush out the door. I wish I had taken a picture.

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