Tuesday, December 30, 2008

A Fresh New Year is almost here...

full of expectancy, possibility, hope, and a little fear too.

This blog is excellent - READ THIS POST - I believe you will really be inspired.
Here is a snippit:

"The New Year wears hope like a fragrance. I inhale.And watch for it to come, this new year breaking up over the horizon. Over white rim of farm fields, new time, fresh hope, will dawn. And I wonder: how to walk across a New Year?Tracks can only be made once.

Then a whiff on the wind: that stench.That decaying rank that I know too well: fear. Reeking fear. I am impotent of change. I am doomed to this death body. Can new ways ever be be my ways? What if I will always be… (fill in the blank with choice fear: self-centered, overweight, uneducated, unmotivated, debt-ridden, angry, anxious, apathetic, unfulfilled…) What if our family, this marriage, these children, fester permanently here? What if tomorrows are just more of our yesterdays?"

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Anonymous said...

You're right, it is an awesome blog!
Liked the Christmas pics and the birthday gift from the guys too!
Mom K.