Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Long Love Lessons

It's early early Christmas Eve morning and we're awake loving on our small son who is sick and puking, aching and hurting. Long, love lessons. Selfless being there, offering a snugling, rocking and singing, praying together, teaching about God's love, His presence, His healing power. In the light of the Christmas tree, half wrapped with ribbon, half tangled by children's hands, surrounded by half-dones and scattered toys. I await His coming and know His presence with me. I am blessed.

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eB photography said...

Not quite as early here but a similar feeling to the 5am morning of baby feedings and helping out a tired and sore mama Sara.

I'm convinced sleepy baby snuggles with wife and child are about the closest thing on earth to feeling our heavenly Father's arms of love around us.

God Jul till dig, gott ny år!