Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Day 12

Monday - I didn't take any pictures. Jeremiah took this one just before we went to sleep. It was a full and busy day - in the morning I co-oped at Alan's preschool, than I packed, dropped Zachary off at the babysitters and Alan with my mom, than we drove out just as it was getting dark to the middle of no where Indiana - King's Ranch. We got lost twice on back roads and met two of Vern's (the owner's) distant neighbors, who surprising knew him and kindly gave us directions. We also managed to damage two cars in one day. Jeremiah was in a car wreck that may have completely totaled the Honda but didn't hurt him at all and then a deer ran into our van! It only took out the driver's side mirror and dented the door - I hope the deer was okey! Amazingly, I felt complete peace throughout the day - unshakable.
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