Thursday, January 8, 2009

Day 8

I wanted to take a picture today of the boys at the doctor's appointment, but alas, I forgot the camara. They both got lots of shots and poor little Zachary - he wiggled while he got his shots and I think that made it worse. All day long when we touch his legs accidently, he says "ouchie. ouchie. ouchie."
We picked up Max and brought him home to hang out with us, as we always do on Thursdays. It's our famiy day. Harley and Karen usually drive down from Fort Wayne as well. We went to the mall and let Zachary play in the play area while Alan slept in the van. Than we all went over to On the Border for dinner - I love chicken tortilla soup.
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Sarah K said...

OMG, I love their chicken tortilla soup too Rose!!! That's pretty much the only thing I order when we go there. :) Gotta love the fresh avocado on top, so good for you.