Friday, October 16, 2009

A Life Update

I think Audrey smiled at me today for the first intentional time :) 3 weeks, 3 days old - same day age as Alan when he smiled at me for the first time - I looked at the scrapbook page today.
I tried to capture it on film. Here is what I got:

We went to Brown County today for my mom's birthday, hoping the rain would disapate before we got there. It didn't so we enjoyed the children's section of the library in Nashville. Jeremiah and I peeked into a few stores and thought about doing an old-fashioned get dressed up western style photo shoot but decided to wait until the boys are little older. Fall leaves are almost perfect - next Saturday will be probably be their peek - hopefully we'll have some warmer weather so we can enjoy all the splendour without freezing. We dug out our winter coats for todays adventures.

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Therese said...

Nice pics. Wow, little Audrey look sooo much like you!!