Thursday, February 25, 2010

My Father's House, a republished post

I love our church. It's small right now, but it's like a family. I believe we're going to keep that family feel even when we get larger. My husband and I and my inlaws (they help us out and they also have a church in Fort Wayne) have been thinking and talking a lot lately about church vision and strategy. God is teaching us a lot and we're in a process of change. I often feel like an apprentice - we have so much to learn about serving God as pastors. We want to be a church that is both attractive to people and attractive to God - seeker sensitive and God sensitive. We're a spirit-filled, nondenominational church. We believe the Bible and try to live like it. We really want to see unchurched people saved and lives totally changed. We are praying right now for God to send us some more people who are already mature Christians - who can join our team and really dig in with us to the work of ministry - serving God together. Living life in fellowship with one another. I also really want to see people healed in their minds and emotions. I believe that God can not only heal people physically, but mentally as well. Anyway, here are some pictures we took our service last Sunday. Jeremiah is working on the websites and needed some pictures. This is Sue P. She switches off leading praise and worship with Jeremiah every other week. She is a very upbeat, generous and friendly person who gets things done. She gets you up and moving and involved in the worship - we love her and her family.

These are some of the people in our church.
This is Pastor Harley, my father in-law. He sometimes preaches at our church as well, especially lately while Jeremiah was taking a little break to get adjusted to our new life parenting two children.
We baptized a whole family this last Sunday - it was awesome!!! Sorry this picture is sideways. This is Bobby, the father. God is delivering him from alcoholism and giving him an awesome testimony of restoration.
This is the whole family, soaking wet, freshly baptized.

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