Friday, June 29, 2007

Going Swimming!

Alan enjoyed the water last year so I had a feeling he was going to love it this summer. I was right. We are blessed to have a pool here at our apartments and we've used it several times already this summer. Alan is very brave with his life jacket on and really enjoys climbing out of the pool on the ladder and jumping in again to mommy's waiting arms. He's so brave he jumped in once before I was ready to catch and actually went all the way under - it hardly seemed to phaze him though and he just kept right on swimming. We're going to have to keep a close eye on this little fish. He's learned how to say "pool", "swim," "ladder," and "kick." It's amazing how many new words he is picking up all the time. Alan tries to imitate how I swim and he's great at kicking. My mother really enjoyed the pool while she was here visiting during the month of June. She tried to go swimming almost every day and it was good motivation to me to actually get out there too. Swimming is such good exercise. Good for those flabby tummy muscles of mine :)

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