Friday, June 29, 2007


Tonight I surprised Jeremiah for his birthday by taking him to the opening night of Ratatouille, a movie he was really looking forward too (he loves anything Pixar). We went to the 7pm show and took Zach along for the ride. Poor little guy was up for the whole movie and didn't really enjoy it - so I spent a lot of time pacing in the back of the theater, patting his back. I did manage to see most of the movie though and I really enjoyed it. My husband LOVED IT and wants to get the DVD. It's very well done, lots of funny parts, good plot, several twists and turns, it keeps you interested and gets you involved with the characters. It's clean and I highly recomment it. We don't usually splurge and spend $20 to see a movie (we prefer the $1 theater) but it was a birthday present :) And a on a side note, if you go to see a movie at Circle Center and park in the garage - you don't have to pay parking for 4 hours if you get your parking ticket stamped at the theater - it was a pleasant surprise.

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