Tuesday, July 3, 2007

Almost 3 years later...

I finally got two rolls of black and white film developed from my wedding! My brother-in-law took these photos - he's a professional photographer - on our wedding day. A couple of years later, he still had not developed them, so he gave me the rolls of film and wrote a note about where to go in Indianapolis. I guess most places don't develop black and white film these days. Unfortunately, the place he sent me too had also closed their labs when I finally got around to going there last week. But they gave me a refural to another place and now I have the photos on CD. :) I'll be putting up a montage soon with a lot more of them. Here are some of my favorites though:

It was my idea to take these photos on the bikes. We really don't ride or own Harley's but I LOVE THEM and someday we will. It was fun pretending though.
You can see that I was about to cry in the above picture. I almost did but then I got myself together and put on a smile. I was surprised that Johan actually caught this passing emotion.
And here we look so stinkin exited to be married!!!

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