Saturday, July 7, 2007

Different and Alike

It's amazing how much you can see in a little person who is only 6 weeks old. I've already noticed so many differences and similarities between my two little boys.

- Zach doesn't mind belly time - Alan hated it!
- Zach works himself up to crying slowly. Alan was always either full-blown crying or quiet.
- Zach seems to talk a lot more than Alan did at this age. He makes lots of little noises.
- Zach is much noisier when he eats and he's more laid back. Alan always ate fast and furiously. Zach gets mad when my milk comes out too fast and spits the nipple out. Alan just worked harder to keep up with it. Alan was done eating quickly. Zach likes to enjoy the process and takes little breaks and then gets back to it.
- Zach doesn't mind the swing. Alan hated it.
- Zach's skin seems to be clearer. He's had a little bit of acne and cradle cap but nothing like what Alan had.

- They both weighed and measured about the same at birth and Zach seems to be chubbing up just as fast as Alan did - he's got to be 12 pounds already (we'll know for sure on Monday when we go to the doctor). He's already growing out of 0-3 month clothes.
They both love the bouncy seat and especially the vibrator.
- They both get a lot of gas (probably because they have to gulp down the milk so quickly) but they are both pretty tough dealing with it and neither has had colic, although they've been a bit fussy in the evenings, they're not inconsolable.
- They both have blue eyes so far.

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