Saturday, July 7, 2007

Baby Shower

We had a baby shower today for Zachary and for Avery, my friend Laura's little girl who was born about 6 weeks before Zach. They were both so cute and we were so blessed with lots of diapers, wipes and goodies. The most exciting thing is I'm going to be able to buy the double stroller I've been wanting. The ladies in the church in Fort Wayne are so generous. Thank you!!! What a blessing! Now I have a lot of thank you cards to make.
Amy did a great job planning everything and we played some fun games - like identify what kind of chocolate is in the diaper :) It was hilarious to see everyone sniffing diapers.

I'm surprised they didn't eat it!

Everyone had fun holding the babies. Zachary stayed awake for most of the shower and definitely smelled like a mixture of women's purfumes when I got him back. Meanwhile, Papa was very busy outside with Alan and his friend Ocean. They wore him out! Papa took a good nap when it was all done.

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