Saturday, July 7, 2007

Visiting Nana and Papa

As Alan has so affectionately dubbed them. We left daddy in Indy and came to Fort Wayne for the weekend. We're having a wonderful time :) Alan just loves spending time with his grandparents and I think they enjoy it too. I enjoy their help and a little bit of time to myself (when Zach is sleeping) to enjoy God. It's been a blessing! They have a beautiful house with extra bedrooms and lots of toys for Alan to play with and a pool! I took this picture last night when the sun was getting low in the sky. Alan was already asleep but Zach was full of energy. I love the landscaping here - there is always something in bloom all summer long.

This morning I came back from Walmart to find Zachary asleep in Papa's arms. I don't know who was enjoying it more - Papa or Zachary.

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