Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Zach and Alan Comparison - Do you think they look alike?

Alan, almost 2 months old - Feb. 2006
Zachary, almost 2 months old - July 2007
Alan's goofy little smile that just made my heart go topsy tervy.
Zach's smile that just makes my day and sometimes makes me so happy I want to cry.


eB photography said...

different uses of a similar smile - great smiles with similar eyes and noses, I supposes. two adorable kiddos whichever way you look at em!

Sara's starting to show that our firstborn is growing... amazing and exciting changes!

Anonymous said...

two beautiful boys!!!!!!! if only i were close enough to kiss those darling chubby cheeks. elise says she could just eat them they're so cute!

Anonymous said...

okay, so i show up as "anonymous" for the time being! guess i'll have to get addicted to blogging too so i can have a real name. i love you kolterman peoples!!!!!! -ANNA