Thursday, August 9, 2007

Zach and the Dog, Take 3, 2 months old.

Too Cute!!

I just love the lighting in my bedroom and I love how these pictures turned out!

Some great smile shots! This little boy loves to smile whenever anyone gives him attention.

He's getting longer and longer. 2 feet already.
And look at all those chubby rolls!!!!


eB photography said...

adorable smiles and seriously chubby arms! we'll give you guys this head start on baby boy photos... ours arrives in late January. we just found that out this week - that we're having a boy and that we're due late January. We're thrilled!

Ang said...

Rose, Zach is an absolute cutie of a Michelin man! How are he and Alan getting along? I'm coming to terms with the whole two-kid against one mom thing, but am wondering if I can help Charlie feel like he's still just as important!