Thursday, August 9, 2007

Batting at Toys

Zach has started interacting with and batting at his toys. He's so cute to watch. He really talks to the little animal faces on his toys (I don't remember Alan doing that so much) and he loves to bat at things. He started about 2 weeks ago and he's really getting good now - he even opens up his hand when he bats like he's trying to grab something. I tried to get a good picture of him in action, but as usual, the action stops when the camara comes out. That's my boys for you.
This is such a signature Zachary face - he makes it all the time - like "what are you doing now?"
Looking in the mirror.
I was trying to catch his hand in motion here - but he just kept it still, until after I snapped a picture. My camara is so slow too - I miss so many shots waiting for it to be ready again.
I love the intense look in his eyes.

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