Saturday, September 15, 2007

Alan Loves to Read

He often entertains himself by pulling down a book or two from his bookshelf in his bedroom, carrying them over to his racecar bed, plopping down in the center of it and "reading" for awhile. It's so cute to hear him try to imitate all the voices mommy and daddy usually make when we're reading to him. Right now, his favorite books are Goodnight Moon, Miss Spider's Tea Party (the counting book), Alphabet Farm (an Usborne book), Trucks (a lift the flap book Usborne), any of the touchy-feely Usborne books, Usborne Animals Board Book, and more. Are you seeing an Usborne theme here? It's because just before Alan was born I hosted an Usborne book party and earned many free and discounted books, then 2 months after Alan was born, I became an Usborne consultant and earned a lot more books for free and at major discounts. It's great. I'm not actively selling right now because I decided, again, that sales is not the thing for me (you would think I would have figured that out after my Mary Kay consultant stint in college...) but I do love all the books we got and I may put in an order for some friends soon and get some more books. They are a great resource for homeschoolers and teachers too since their main focus is nonfiction. Jeremiah took these pictures of Alan on April 24, 2007 so he was just about 16 months old. He's actually reading some junk mail but it inspired me to journal :)

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