Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Alan's Top Ten Things

1. Bubbles (at least once a day, outside on the stairs or in the courtyard)
2. Balloons (any kind, helium, water, regular)
2. Cars (especially real ones)
3. Socks and Shoes (it means he gets to go outside)
4. Pull Ups (he hates regular diapers these days)
5. Ice and water in a real cup (so he can spill it everywhere)
6. Cheese (if you ask him is he's hungry, he answers by saying, "Cheese?")
7. Binkies (he's always helping Zach keep his too)
8. Books (loves to read)
9. Music (especially when he gets to push the buttons to turn it on and off)
10. Boz DVDs (I think he would watch them all day long)

There's a lot of "B" words in that list :)

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