Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Our Day So Far - October 2, 2007

Zachary woke up this morning, promptly at 12am. Last night was Zach's first night of "sleep training" - a process of weining him from night time feedings and helping him sleep more soundly through the night. He won at 12am and got to eat anyway. He was just crying too pitifully and mommy just can't stand that in the middle of the night! We've moved him to the living room at night because we're scared to put him in Alan's room while Zach is still waking up at night. We don't want 2 crying babies in the middle of the night! Zachary woke up again at 5am. Jeremiah tried the binky technique for 30 minutes and when Zach was still really mad and mommy still wasn't sleeping - I came in and rescued him and he won again :) So night 1 of the sleep training marathon is over and it doesn't look like we made much progress. Jeremiah says it's not going to happen again, so mommy and Zach are in for it tonight. Uh oh. Sleep training can take between 1 to 2 weeks but it is so worth it in the long run. We read "The Sleep Lady Solution" and follow a lot of her advice. It's not exactly a cry it out method because you stay by their side and try to comfort them but there is a lot of crying involved, unfortunately. Sigh. If only they would be comforted by other methods than mommy milk. Fortunately, babies do learn pretty quickly to comfort themselves back to sleep and to stop expecting to eat in the middle of the night and get all of their calories in during the day. My boys at least have plenty of chub on them - they're not going to starve! sigh. We all woke up at about 7:30 to a beautiful cool morning, with the fresh breeze blowing in through our open windows. Zach and Alan were awake playing in their cribs. Mommy and daddy were rather sleepy and groggy. It took us awhile to pull ourselves out of bed and begin our morning routines of 1. Changing diapers 2. Changing clothes 3. Feeding ourselves and our little ones 4. Making coffee. 5. Reading the Word and praying 6. Picking up a little bit 7. Packing the diaper bag with binkies, blankies, burp rags, diapers, wipes, changes of clothes, snacks and drinks. Jeremiah also grabbed a shower and we wrote out our rent check (I still need to walk that over to the office). We grabbed our letters and cards and bills to be mailed and headed out the door around 9am to take Jeremiah to work. By 9:30am we dropped Jeremiah off downtown at Moody Meats and both boys were asleep in the backseat. I drove up to the post office and mailed our mail and then I swung by Starbucks to pick up an iced half-decaf grande americano with 2 pumps of vanilla syrup, cream and whipped cream. Then we headed over to the park for our SAHM I AM Meetup Group. At about 10am Kim showed up and the boys woke up. Alan had fun playing with her daughter Emily and we all hung out for about an hour. Zach ate at about 10:30. Next we went to Marsh to buy milk and some groceries. Alan loves riding in the little car that's connected to the front of the cart. It's an awefully long contraption and I'm scared I'm going to accidently run into someone. I did once and the women was not very nice about it :( Alan snacked on cheese and crackers in the car. We were back home by 12pm and Zach was still awake but oh so sleepy. I fed him again and he pooped. After a quick diaper change, I put him down for his nap with a binky and he fell asleep pretty quickly. I gave Alan a cup of milk and then put him down for his nap. He hung out in his crib for about 45 minutes and then finally fell asleep. That boy sometimes! So, now they're both asleep and I need to get some chores done before they wake up.

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