Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Memorable Moments of Late

October is swiftly rushing by with the weather swapping from warm to cold, depending on its mood. Today it's rainy, overcast and mild. The leaves are only just starting to turn. It's naptime in our house. I think Alan isn't convinced - he's still playing in his crib. At least Zachary is sleeping. I'm eating some delicious chicken enchiladas that Sue made for us for Pastor appreciation - so yummy! We all ate together on Sunday after church and had lots of leftovers to take home. We were also celebrating Pastor Karen's birthday, which is actually today. My mom and my mother-in-law both have the same birthdays. I sent my mom an 8x8 scrapbook/brag book to put her pictures of the boys in. It was fun and quick to make with some of my scrap papers. I should just switch over to that size - it seemed so much faster than making 12x12 pages. For my MIL I decorated an apron with some fabric paint - bird houses. Lots of crafty fun. Now I need to stop working on presents for a while and get caught up on my boys scrapbooks - I'm falling behind.
We had a wonderful visit with our friends Chloe and David from North Carolina. We hadn't seen them in over a year. Saturday night we drove to Fort Wayne to meet up with them, eat dinner and go out to Jefferson Point for a walk and a snack at Barnes and Nobles. We were looking at the book Don Quixote - I think I might like to read it sometime. We had long talks about life, death and theology.
This morning, Alan was in our bedroom while we were still laying around in bed. When he saw a big pile of newspapers scattered around in the corner, he said, "Oh my, what a mess! Trash." lol.

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