Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Some Recent Pics and kiddo update

Sitting up

Standing up

Being a friendly guy

Hanging out with his friend Avery (she's one month older than him)

Zachary eating his toes. October 23, 2007

Making his funny "bobble" sound

We're spending the week in Fort Wayne while Jeremiah is away in Guatemala on a medical mission trip. It's been wonderful so far. I'm so thankful for my inlaw's help with the boys. I don't think I could have done it on my own - I don't know how single mothers manage.
Zachary is almost exactly 5 months old and so full of life. He is always ready to smile at and talk to anyone who gives him attention. He is so interested in life in fact it's hard to convince him to sleep. He making funny noises with his toys and hands, moving his mouth back and forth across them to make a bobble sound. It's so cute. He is also exploring his feet a little more and he is sitting up fairly good, keeping his balance and playing with toys. His legs are really strong and he is able to stand on them for quite a while. He enjoys standing on my lap and looking at me eye to eye while he holds onto my hands with his. He has just the slightest bit of cradle cap and his neck is often red deep down in the folds where the spit up sometimes gets caught. He's wearing 6-9 month clothes and eating rice cereal every once in awhile. We'll be starting solids more seriously next month. He sleeps at night, going to bed about the same time Alan does, around 7 or 8pm. I feed him sometime between 10 and 11pm and then he usually sleeps until 5 or 5:30am. We're going to be working on helping him sleep longer next month. He's a valiant little guy, as his papa said tonight after trying and failing to get Zachary to sleep for good. He fell asleep 3 times and then woke himself right back up again. Grandpa had the pleasure of putting the boys to sleep while I enjoyed the women's cell meeting.
Alan is almost two and he's acting like it. "No" is a favorite word but he is still pretty distractable. He is still excellent with all things mechanical. He knows what a screwdriver is for although he doesn't quite have the coordination to use it, yet. He know which key on our keyring unlocks and starts the car and he can unlock and start the car all by himself! He locks doors very proficiently. He loves playing with cars and trucks. Loves bubbles and balloons. Loves papa. He's learning new words all the time and echoes what we say a lot. It's difficult to understand what he says though, especially when he spouts off long sentences. He sings and dances - Hallelujah, The B-I-B-L-E, I May Never March in the Infantry, Head and Shoulders, Na-na-nananana, and more. Loves music and playing the piano and the guitar. He always wants music to be on, even if it's just in the background. He is playing more and more by himself, which is wonderful. He is getting nicer and nicer to other little kids around him at the park and at church. We're teaching him to be kind and I think he's getting it. He's hitting, pushing, etc much less often these days and he gives lots of hugs. He loves to draw, especially circles and he asks us to draw faces for him, telling us which body parts to draw next (eyes, nose, mouth). He loves to hold his brother and interact with him. He still has a strong affection for the binky and his blankie, although we're not going to buy him anymore binkys - once they are all gone, they're gone. We try to only let him have one when he's going to sleep.

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