Saturday, March 15, 2008

Our trip to Louisianna.

We had a wonderful time in Louisianna. We got back home about a week ago. The road trip went better than expected and the boys did surprisingly well considering the many hours they were strapped into their carseats with relatively little entertainment.

It really wasn't that bad :) This picture was taken on the way home. lol.

We traveled against the weather both ways. On the way down in stormed and rained the entire way. It was wonderful to drive into spring though and see fresh green grass growing (my favorite color in nature).

We ended up stopping early for the night on Monday because there were severe storms and tornado warnings and we were all just tired of driving. We drove the rest of the way on Tuesday and spent the midday in New Orleans, walking along the river and looking at the boats.

It was my first time visiting New Orleans and it certainly did not appear to be a deserted city.

It would have been fun to go an a swamp boat and spot crocadiles and alagators...maybe next time. Our conference was in Baton Rouge and we stayed at the Ramada off of Airline Expressway. We've stayed there several times before. Alan enjoyed seeing the Palm trees and we spent one lovely afternoon outside enjoying the sun!

The boys did great in the nursery during the meetings and even managed to take afternoon naps in the car. I think they loved all the personal attention they got. We were encouraged in the meetings and I really felt God planting some vision and direction in my heart, renewing in my my first love and a desire to worship. It's so good to spend time in God's presence. Grandma and Papa Kolterman seemed to enjoy themselves most of the time too, although I'm pretty sure they were glad to drop us off in Indianapolis and head for their own quiet home in Fort Wayne once it was all said and done. Alan and I combined are about 100x more talkative than Jeremiah's entire family put together.
On the way home, it snowed! Even in the South! We drove all day in snow, ice and strong winds. We finally stopped for the night in Arkansas when it started to get dark. Crazy weather!

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