Monday, April 7, 2008

Holiday Park

I am so in love with Spring!!! The weather today was just beautiful so we headed outside to visit Holiday Park. It's been completely redone since the last time we were there and they have a special section with a fence around it just for kids 3 and under. I have a feeling we'll be visiting this park a lot once Zachary is walking and I have to try to keep track of both of them running in different directions.

We had a lot of fun and a couple of hours flew by quickly. The only downfall - there are only 2 baby swings! For a park this big, there should be 8! We had to wait awhile for our turn and then I felt rushed to give other kids a chance to swing.
Zachary doesn't like eating mulch, but he likes the reaction he gets out of mommy when he tries too.
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Anonymous said...

Good pics of the grandchildren! Thanks!