Wednesday, April 16, 2008

You can almost see the grass growing...

Today was another absolutely beautiful Spring day. Walking outside, the smell of the grass and the COLOR GREEN is so inspiring. It makes me want to wax poetic and write some great oracle to Spring. But alas, mommy brain has got the best of me so we'll have to suffice with some pictures that were taken a few days ago in honor of Spring...
This lovely little flowering tree is in the courtyard across from us. Our courtyard has a large apple tree that hasn't quite blossomed yet.

Dandelions and daffodils. These flowers are growing right outside our door. The first crop of daffodils GOT PICKED the day after they bloomed! That was truly disappointing and I've been searching for a sign that says, "don't pick the flowers" ever since. Does anyone know where I can find one? Luckily we have some more flowers now and the tulips are almost out. I love love love Spring because I love love love green and I love love love flowers - it is absolutely my most favorite season of the year!!
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