Friday, August 8, 2008

A Day at the Fair

Yesterday I spent the morning volunteering in the Lactation Station at the Indiana State Fair. This is my third year in a row volunteering. I love the opportunities that I have to speak with other breastfeeding moms. We have a little tent with rocking chairs, changing tables, fans, literature, stickers, helium balloons and ice cold waters.

After the boys nap, my mom, mother-in-law, sons and I all went back to explore about 1/5 of the fairgrounds (focusing especially on kid friendly activities). We're planning on going back tomorrow to see the rest of the fair, especially all the farm animals.

Fair tickets cost $8 and children ages 5 and under are free. It's totally worth it!

I love to sip on a frozen apple cider slushy while walking around. :) It is quite possibly my favorite fair "food".

We walked past all the old tractors, saw a live band playing lots of old instruments in the pioneer barn, saw old farm equipment in action sending bits of hay flying through the air. We played on the playground and took a slow and active walk through "Little Hands on the Farm" where I took lots of pictures.
Here we are filling up little baggies with corn. Zachary loved the corn and he kept stopping to collect it everywhere along the path. Alan ran right over to the sandbox "garden" and it took a little work to convince him to follow the path and stick to his farmer work :).
Zach just loves filling up containers these days so this was a perfect activity for him. The boys loved their free hats. They know how to wear hats the cool way.Look at how serious they were about riding the tractors.
And Alan did a great job milking the cow. Are those apples floating in the air??? I caught Zach in the act of dumping his basket, on purpose. Alan courageously went on his first pony ride after three failed attempts while he worked up his courage.
Mostly we walked around and simply enjoyed the atmosphere and excitement of being at the fair. We're so blessed to live within walking distance of the fairgrounds. I've thoroughly enjoyed it every year. I love how things stay pretty much the same year after year. It helps us to develop memorable rituals.

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