Friday, August 8, 2008


This blog was designed spur of the moment as a way to chronicle my life in pictures and easily share stories with friends and family. Mostly I was inspired to blog because I'm a scrapbooker. I wanted a quick way to put some journaling with my photos before scrapbooking them. Now I'm learning a lot more about blogging. Since I love to write and have not actively been exercising this gift for years, I'm thinking about starting some or maybe just one new blog that is more specific and intentional. A blog that I write in more consistantly. Of course, I want to write in this blog more consistantly as well. It's kind of like a journal for me even if no one else ever reads it.
So, some areas of blogging interest to me are:
1. Scrapbooking - but this may require to much work and creativity. It's time consuming to photograph and publish online my scrapbook pages and ideas. Plus, I'm not to careful to keep track of what products I'm using and where I get my ideas from.
I guess I'll just continue to read scrapbooking blogs and not have one of my own.
2. Natural Childbirth and Natural Parenting from a distinctly Christian perspective. I'm passionate about childbirth and I think it would be easy for me to write about this subject on a consistent basis. I would actually like to publish a book and writing a blog may be a good first step in that direction. Natural parenting could include a broad variety of topics such as breastfeeding, staying at home with your children, parenting challenges, homeschooling, eating healthy, and living frugally.
3. Rose's Rhema - this is a blog I've already started but have not actively kept up on. My desire with this blog is to encourage other women in our church and in my life by simply publishing the revelations that God is giving to me in my quiet time. I'm already writing these things down in my journals so, I just need to take the time to type them up as well.
4. A blog for Pastor's Wives. I'm not sure what I would do with this.

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