Friday, August 22, 2008

A Terrible Nights Sleep

We had a terrible time sleeping last night. After DH and I finally got done talking at 11:30pm or so, Alan woke up with a scream (must have been a night terror but who knows where that came from!) around 1:00am, then he woke Zach up. Zach then proceeded to wake up again at 1:40 and did not go back to sleep until 2:40am or so. They were both wide awake and busy tailed at 6:45am. Mommy was not. All well.
So then, my mom surprised me by being home. She said she felt the Holy Spirit tell her that I needed help today so she skipped the Joyce Meyer conference just for me! She took the boys around 10am this morning and let me take a two hour nap. I've read my Bible, read some blogs and started blogging myself. It's almost 2pm now and still no boys in sight. I wish they would come home because they really need their naps!!

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