Friday, August 22, 2008

Frugal Friday: 50% off Coupon for Value World and Affordable Home Improvements

This week I felt the urge to do some back to school shopping since everyone else is doing it :) and Alan will be attending a preschool coop starting the first week in September. Instead of wasting huge amounts of money, I gave myself twenty dollars. Armed with this fabulous coupon for 50% off my purchase of $25 or more (making my potential out of pocket as low as $12.50) and my mom to help me search through racks of clothing, we headed out to Value World (it used to be Value Village but for some reason they changed the name). We are blessed to have one of these thrift stores right around the corner from us and they always have great clothes. I came home with a new looking talking Barney doll, some Lincoln Logs, (I was thinking Christmas), 5 pairs of pants for Alan, 3 pairs of warm lined pants for Zach, 6 new looking shirts for the boys, one dress for me and a beautiful storage solution for the scrapbooking corner of my bedroom. Most of the clothes were nearly new looking Old Navy, Gap, Gymbaree, etc. What a steal of a deal!! You can print this coupon as often as you like and it seems they put up a new coupon whenever the old one expires so it's one constant deal for whenever the urge to shop may strike.

On to my second frugal point: Home Improvements
When we decided not to buy a house this year and stay yet one more year in our white walled two bedroom apartment, I demanded the right to splurge and paint the walls. I waited for a great sale at Shermin Williams and bought two gallons of paint, one for the living room and one for our bedroom. We painted the living room and it's amazing how much happier I feel about my space. I'm so happy I don't even feel the need to paint my bedroom anymore. So we're going to save the paint, since we will only be living here for a little over 9 more months anyway, and use it in our new home next year. :) Now if only we could get around to putting our pictures back up on the walls. My living room without a flash on a cloudy day:

With a flash: (Notice how I stratigically left out the major part of the room? I figure you weren't interested in seeing all the toys strewn about).
I love how this color brown turned out.


Catherine said...

Paint totally does make a huge difference, doesn't it? I like the idea of brownish walls, because it's neutral but finished looking. I like the "Tobacco Road" color the Nesting Place blog is always mentioning, but our current couch is wheat colored so I'm not sure how that would look in our house right now. But your living room looks great painted, and I'm sure even better in real life! :)

Also great thought about Lincoln Logs, I had forgotten all about that toy. We had some when I was little and I loved them.

Mili said...

Good words.