Monday, October 13, 2008

It's Wonderful to be Home Again

We feel so refreshed from our time on vacation. God really blessed us so much at the Pastor's Conference, renewing vision in our hearts and filling us with such peace, joy and expectancy.
Now that we're home, we're adjusting to a new schedule and a new budget since Jeremiah is now a fulltime pastor and no longer works as a butcher for Moody Meats. We feel so much peace about it and excitement - we're looking forward to what God has instore. I think this was exactly what Jeremiah needed - freedom to focus his efforts and energy on pastoring.
Today we laid out our new budget and figured out exactly what amount of money we need to have faith for. It's amazing how God provides for us and I'm so confident that He will continue to. Once again, I am also thankful that we have not made any big purchases yet, like buying a house and we have the freedom to live minimally because we've chosen that route. God is faithful to lead and guide us and I am so thankful!

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