Sunday, October 5, 2008

So much for good intentions...

I'm sorry I've disappeared from the blogging world for so long. It's been busy around here!
Last week my husband and I traveled to North Carolina to visit our friends and we left our kids with my in-laws. It was a much needed and refreshing breather! This week we are traveling with the kids down to Louisianna for a Pastor's Conference at Larry Stockstill's church. Dr. David Yongi Cho will be there and we are really looking forward to all that God has instore for us! Another plus, there will be childcare so I'll actually get to be a part of the services! Yippee for me!! This is really special considering that on most Sundays, I'm teaching the children or I'm preaching with my husband. Today was a "family Sunday" and we shared on Mary and Martha and the choice we face constantly all day long to be a Mary or a Martha - to be busy busy busy or to simply sit at Jesus feet and allow Him to be the center of all that we do and are. Ah...I'm learning. God has been working out so much in me over this last week. I have so much I could write and share but of course, I would rather just go out to coffee with you and really have a good talk :)

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