Friday, September 17, 2010

To Give Birth - Thoughts at 37 Weeks

To Give Birth – my thoughts at 37 weeks pregnant with Timmy

An act of giving. A gift. My small one unfolding, revealing, coming forth. Little mystery being discovered. A longing. A waiting. The unknowing of it all. The trusting. The placing of myself, my plans, my all in the hands of our Creator, the One who knows all. A daily act of surrender. Letting go. Letting be. Giving birth. Giving myself to the work of birth. Surrendering to sacrifice, joyfully. With expectation and hope. Looking forward to the knowing, the meeting, the birth. Little clothes. Soft skin. Little wrinkles. Tight grasp of fingers wraps my heart in new love, just imagining the moment. Placing little mouth to ample breast, giving more. Sustaining. Allowing myself to continue to be his all, his everything. Mothering. Allowing God to be my all, my everything. Fathering me. I am wrapped in His embrace and I give myself to new love. To life. To birth.

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