Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Merry Christmas 2010

Last year, I didn't write a Christmas letter because I had a new baby. This year, I have a new baby again. Writing a Christmas letter sounds like fun and I don't feel like folding laundry tonight. So I write while Timothy, our seven week old, snoozes on my lap. I'll try to sum up the most important things that have happened in the last two years.
We moved in May of 2009 to the other half of our friend's duplex. I promptly painted all the walls beautiful colors and filled all of our newfound space with many things, mostly toys. Our house has two floors, three bedrooms and a basement – it feels huge compared to the two bedroom apartment we had been living in. We love living so close to friends who love Jesus like we do. Although we would like to own a home, we are waiting on God's perfect timing and we are learning financial wisdom in the process.
Audrey was born on September 23, 2009. She has been so sweet and easy to care for, right from the start. She is 14 months old now, walking around and exploring everything within reach. Her older brothers adore her and she is definitely a daddy's girl.
We enjoyed visiting Jeremiah's sisters and their families in Phoenix, AZ last year in December. The desert is beautiful. We loved all the cacti and the sandy mountains but we would never want to live there ourselves. We enjoy green grass and cornfields. We love the four seasons. I'm glad that God has called us to pastor this church in Indianapolis. It's a really a great city – you're always welcome to move here and join us!
The year of 2010 started off with a big surprise – I was pregnant again! This through all of our plans for a loop. I feel that in many ways 2010 was repeat of 2009, except this year we ended up having a 9 pounds 9 ounce baby boy on October 21. He was born at home with a midwife. Homebirth is a wonderful option for healthy mothers birthing healthy babies. It is so much simpler and much more natural.
Alan will be 5 on New Years Eve. He is a real people person and a natural actor. He loves the stage and thoroughly enjoyed being a Rock Star in our Christmas play at church this year. He is a great big brother and is eagerly looking forward to even more siblings. Alan will be ready to start homeschool Kindergarten this year with a focus on learning to read.
Zachary is three and a half. He is a lot like his daddy, full of curiosity about how things work, sensitive to the world around him, and often lost in his own little world. He loves to play pretend with Alan and he loves his stuffed animals.
Alan and Zachary are attending Gentle Shepherd Preschool several mornings each week for a couple of hours. It's just around the corner from our house. The boys are memorizing scriptures, learning Bible stories, singing lots of songs and beginning to work on some early math and reading skills.
We believe that God has exciting things in store for our family and the church in the upcoming year. We focusing on having an open heart and an open home. Being filled with Holy Spirit and allowing God to move through us to touch people's lives through ours.
I pray that you are doing well. We would love to hear from you.

The Kolterman Family

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