Monday, April 21, 2008

Pooh, Mickey, Hard Mickey, and Doll

These are Alan's new friends and they go with him everywhere. "Pooh seepy too", when it's time for Alan's nap. They all sleep with him along with his trains, books and whatever else he's randomly chosen to put in his bed. He reads to them and shows them interesting things. He talks to them a lot. The other day I caught Alan and Daddy having a regular conversation with all his little pals and I couldn't resist taking some pictures. Alan's imagination is just blossoming and it's so much fun to see.
The little red-headed cabbage patch boy doll was an especially requested Christmas present from my dad in 1988 (I turned eight the day after Christmas). I named him Robby because I thought he looked like my friend Robby that I had a "crush" on in first grade.
Of course, all this picture taking led to some self-portraits and some very wet kisses.

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