Monday, April 21, 2008

A slight sunburn

Today, when we were doing "circle time" at 8am this morning, I asked Alan to look out the window and tell me, "What color is the sky?" "Bue," he promptly answered without so much as a glance. "No, it's gray and cloudy again." "Sunny outside. Bue sky," he insisted. "Park?" he then asked. "We'll see," I answered and laughed. Well, he must have been speaking by faith and it worked because just a few hours later, the sun was shining - so much so I got a slight sunburn. We had a picnic lunch in the courtyard (because Jeremiah had taken the carseats with him in the car) and then we walked to the little park across the street from us. Tonight, we grilled from fresh hamburgers on the grill for dinner. yum yum. Oh, how I love Spring!! Have I mentioned that before?

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