Tuesday, May 13, 2008


Alan is constantly amazing us with his growing use of words and creative structuring of sentences. It's so much fun listening to him express his thoughts.
Some things he says -
"I want it," while pointing to something and if that doesn't get it for him, he adds emphatically, "I need it, I need it."
Whenever he wakes up in the morning or from his nap, he anounces joyously, "Ayan awake. Ayan awakey." If anyone mentions bedtime too soon, he also makes sure to inform them of this very definite fact, "Ayan awake."
Lately, when he suggests that someone do something, he adds "okey?" to the end of his sentance. "Ayan watch Monkey George. Okey?" "Ayan paint. Okey?" "Ayan go sopping (shopping). Okey?" He loves shopping and always wants to accompany me.
His affirmitives are very affirmitive, "Yes!!! Yes I do!!" and his negatives are very negative, "No. No way!!!"
He has started stringing together longer and longer sentences, using pronouns and using verbs in their verious tenses. He often says things like, "I did it!" or "I do it." "Help you! Help you!" (he really means help me).

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