Monday, June 16, 2008

Zach's 1yr old Milestones

And pictures to follow soon. Zach has just started taking several steps all by himself, all on his own. He's very cautious about it all and very careful to catch himself when he falls. He's learning to walk in a totally different style that Alan ever did. It's amazing how children can be so different even in things like learning to walk and how all their innate differences reflect their inborn personalities. Alan decided to walk at about 11months old (the beginning of December). He would pull himself up on something and then take off at a run for about 10 steps and then fall forward, often hurting himself. Then he would crawl over to something he could pull himself up on and do it again. It took him about a month to get good at walking and to learn to stand up all on his own. Zachary has been walking while holding on to one of our hands for about 2 months now. He also loves to walk while pushing something infront of him. I think he likes the security of having something in his hands. He can stand up all by himself, without pulling up on anything and he loves to climb - he's an excellent climber - better than Alan was at this age. We have to keep a close eye on him. It was just in this last week that he started to cautiously take his first steps, slowly and wobely with legs spread wide apart like a duck. It's so cute to watch and we're so proud of him. I'm sure he'll be running before long and I'll be running right along with him and Alan. With 2 running boys, I'm bound to loose weight this summer!

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eB photography said...

Adrian just started rolling over and trying to move around in a crawl. We'll be chasing him in no time! If you're good on wheels maybe skates would help you chase the kids.