Friday, July 11, 2008

Cow Appreciation Day

MOO! We had fun today dressing up likes cows and eating free at Chickfillay (I'm not sure how to spell that). I dressed the boys and myself in white and beige and cut out black circles from construction paper. Then we drove with my mom to a free standing Chickfillay with a play area. At the last second, I taped on the cow spots and retaped the cow spots and demanded that if Alan wanted to eat chicken nuggets and fries, he must not take off his spots! I retaped the cow spots again, uncrumpled cow spots, reminded myself that we were supposed to be having fun, grabbed a quick picture and then went parading inside with my little calves to claim our free meals. I was surprised that we were one of only a few cows in the vicinity. I love their lemonade and definitely think that we all enjoyed this outing :)


Martha said...

Cute! Great job!

Niki said...

We were the only ones too at lunchtime! They said all the cows were out and about for breakfastime since it was also a storytime day at ours.

We went with our MOMs Club and it was fun!

The manager at chickfila took our picture and it is now hanging up at our local restaurant