Sunday, November 2, 2008

Pretend Play and the Incredible Memory

I'm just amazed every day lately by Alan's incredible ability to remember things we do and to reenact them in his pretend play. This morning Alan and Daddy were playing pretend on our king size bed (otherwise known as Alan's house when he piles the pillows up all around him to make walls). Today the blanket was used to create a "big tent" and Alan was pretending to be Daddy and Daddy was pretending to be Alan. The conversation went like this:
Alan: "We're going camping. Let's get in the car."
(pretend to drive - it takes less than 2 seconds)
Alan: "Daddy, come over here. This is our big tent."
(Daddy moves from one side of the bed to the other, grunting as he goes.)
Alan: "Okay Ayan, let's get sticks for the fire."
(Alan pretends to pick up sticks and throw them on the fire."
Alan: "Here's your hotdog." (Pretends to eat)
"Here's your marshmellow."
Alan: "Do you want another marshmellow?"
Daddy: "Yes daddy." (pretends to eat)
Alan: "Okey, lets drive to the store to get more wood." (Something we actually did when we went camping.)
Alan: "Okey, there's the fire."
Alan: "Let's jump now inside the big tent."
Daddy: "You can jump, I'm going to lie down in the tent."
(Alan jumps on the bed for a few seconds)
And then the conversation ends when the two year old spots mommy's half drunk cup of water and purposely dumps it on the bed. AAAAhhhh....what do you do with two year olds?

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Sarah Kalagias said...

Awe that's so cute Rose! ;) I can't wait till Elijah can talk conversational style. What an imagination Alan has! I wish we could all go camping together!